Four Tips to Hire the Right Private Investigator in Las Vegas Nevada to Meet Your Expectations

Private Investigator in Las VegasHiring a private investigator in Las Vegas Nevada, is as easy as going up to a slot machine and dropping down a dollar on the reel. But unlike slots, hiring private investigators comes with a higher risk than a dollar coin down a lucky slot. We’ve put together four main questions that you need to ask prior to hiring an investigative company. Whether you decide to use Red Diamond as your Las Vegas investigator Company, or not, these questions are going to help you make an educated decision when it comes to calling up an expert.

4 Tips to hire the right private investigator in Las Vegas

Make sure the Nevada Private Investigator has a license! Most states across the United States require private investigators to be licensed. In Nevada, our private investigators are licensed by the Nevada Private Investigators’ Licensing Board. A private investigator in the state of Nevada should be able to produce a copy of a license immediately for your review. This license should have their name, company name, and license number. Prior to initiating a surveillance assignment, make sure that your investigator is properly licensed, or you may be held responsible for the investigators action.You can verify our license number with the NPILB under the Nevada PI License #1692

Is your Nevada Investigator Insured? You have to understand that a private investigator is going to be working for you, as your private investigative agent. What this means to you, is that if you assign a private investigator to work a case, you will be held responsible for any damages that they cause. These damages can be in the shape of property damage, falsifying information, legal problems, etc. That is, unless the investigator is insured to cover any losses and damages during the course of an investigation.Red Diamond Investigators currently holds a 1,000,000 dollar, per occurrence, liability insurance to protect our client. A private investigator should be able to provide this insurance coverage for you to review and verify.

Do I have to meet with private investigator in person? Not at all, much of the case assignments can be done over the phone or via e-mail with little to no contact with the client. We understand that our work is to remain private. We try cover our tracks, especially with infidelity cases. You can contact us via our website which allows you to send us an anonymous message.There, you can provide us with case specifics or specific times to contact you, and in which manner.

Does your investigator have the necessary experience?  The private investigation’s industry has several facets. Not everyone is able to cover all of the facets of an investigation. Some investigators are able to cover infidelity, while others are able to cover corporate investigations. But the main thing to understand is that each facet of the investigation requires a special type of investigative expert.

At Red Diamond Investigations, we offer a free consolation service that will help us determine which of our services are going to be able to successfully complete the investigation at hand. If you need a specific service, we will direct you to a company that can better serve your needs.

We hope that these tips are going to help you find the right investigator for your investigation. If you need assistance, or would like to take advantage of our free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at: 702-982-0636

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